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Oppie show

Champion Tic's Magic Gambler SH, CD
NAVHDA Utility Prize II

OFA - Cerf
65 lbs., 25 1/2 inches
03.12.89 - 05.27.02 

Oppie 1"Oppie" was my most memorable dog. Definitely the hardest one to lose.  In May of 1989 I  flew to my parents house in California to choose a female pup. I had my heart set on a female but then I saw/met Oppie and he wrapped my heart around his little tail.  He chose me and I was his from that moment on.  He was the dog I learned most of what I know on.  He thrilled me with his instincts and love of life.  He found birds with style and drive. He loved to retrieve and would bark in protest when beat to a retrieve.

Oppie 3When bored he would carry his food dish around the house in protest. He always scolded me when late coming home or late with dinner.  We called him the flasher cause he loved to lie on the couch on his back and show the world what he had with abandon. He became quite crabby as he aged and earned the name of "old grump".  Although his eye site was failing his nose was still quite intact. He still flirted with the ladies and found birds with intensity. He gave me one hundred percent all the time and I will miss him greatly.

Good night old friend, sleep peacefully without fear or pain. See you at the rainbow bridge.

Oppie 2