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Happy 17th birthday sweet Kelly!!

Kelly 1

Yup, you read that right.  17 years old.  She's a little slower in the step.  She spends a little more time snoozing than she used to.  But there's always a sparkle in her eye and a wag in her tail - she's not ready to go anywhere but maybe onto the couch.

Kelly is the great-great-(great!)-grandmother of the entire Fly-N-Hy line.  She's a dog that finished her championship quickly, and easily moved into the role of the matron of the household.  She's the kind of grandmother that helps raise her extended family with an eternally kind yet iron paw.  She's always been a dog that can be trusted to socialize puppies - someone that will love them when they're good and put them in their place when they're naughty.  She has intact grandsons that have come back to see her years later, and these strong dominant males are putty in her paws, having remembered their lessons of youth.

A crowd of her progeny gathered for her 17th birthday!

The humans enjoyed a wonderful cake . . .

And the Birthday Girl enjoyed her own cake too . . .
Cake 2

Some times spent on birds - here she is holding a point


And retrieving to hand!

There was swimming in the pond for everyone

A little obedience / agility workout area

A couple human kids to do a good job of loving everyone up
Kelly kid

And one great dog to oversee it all.
Kelly 3

Happy birthday Kelly - your grinning happiness is a inspiration to us all.